Friday, June 27, 2014

Quilting withdrawal!!!!

I am suffering from quilting withdrawal.....I have soooo many ideas but here I sit with a right arm I can't do much with (I had rotator cuff surgery May 20th). However, I am working hard on my quilting genre novel and having fun writing! I am now writing chapter four. I do go back and rewrite and rewrite but I basically just want to get the words on the paper and then go back and tweak it, make the words more descriptive, and add more detail. I seem to do fine with the dialogue, though!
On another note, I was able to remove the facing on my quilt Tuscany (the quilt is just too thick to do a facing because the seam won't roll to the back, as desired). I am going to see if I can iron left-handed today and press the seam open to the front again so it can be squared. I think my husband will square it for me as he always helps me square my quilts (whatta guy!) I feel confident I can put the binding on as my ortho doc said I can use my right hand - especially since my sewing machine is at the perfect height (just like my keyboard). I tried hand-quilting earlier this week but my arm killed me the next two days so I will have to do way less.......
That's all that's going on with me right now. Take care everyone and keep on stitchin'
xxoo Joyce

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Anonymous said...

Joyce, keep working on the novel and wait a little longer to use that arm, don't need to hurt yourself. See I'm telling you to write your novel cause I can hardly wait to read it!