Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hey quilters out there, here's a short video of me applying binding to a small quilt. There's a little trick I have up my sleeve and I hope it helps you in the future.
I've been working on something new!
A goat. I've been having a blast!
Eventually, Ms. goat will be in a landscape scene but for now, I'll share some photos of her and how she has progressed. I still have work to do on her but she is coming along. Thank God I saved all
my floral prints over the years. I was inspired by the talented artist Laura Heine, however, I am using different techniques in the construction - mainly glue stick application of the flowers. Enjoy!

 Goat almost done!
 Goat beginnings
Some of the fabrics
Goat in progress

I'll have another quilt to show you in a few days.....until then, happy quilting!