Saturday, April 24, 2021

 A Quilter's Journey

Today, I am submitting my women's fiction/romance novel with a quilting slant to a great publisher for consideration. I am hoping that this time around, I get a yes. They publish other novels with a quilting slant in a mystery novel genre so I am hoping they will consider my novel.....wish me luck! 

Here's the quilt I made that I picture on the cover! Mt. Rainier Reflecting in Tipsoo Lake.




Friday, April 23, 2021

Latest Happenings Joyce R Becker

 Latest Happenings......

It's been an incredibly busy few weeks. I have been working with a really nice Medicaid social worker to help with my twin sister's eventual placement in the near future. We are hoping she will be able to go to an assisted living facility. Hopefully by the first week or two in May, we will know more. This weekend we are moving her belongings into storage so no more rent has to be paid on her apartment.

Things are moving along with my new book, Beautiful Landscape Quilts. I will probably be reviewing it for corrections by the end of April or beginning of May. 

I just finished an audition video for Creative Spark through C&T Publications. Let me tell you, it's not perfect but learning how to tape on your own and do it correctly has a huge learning cure. You have to think about so many things, staying upbeat, memorizing what you are going to say, checking your cell phone camera to make sure it is filming, making sure you are filming in the right resolution, and making sure your mic is on and the lighting is correct. I could go on and on but that's just the beginning. The editing is very time consuming and I admit, I could of done a bit better on it but at some point you just need to let go and pray it is good enough to go on and teach a real workshop. It's also necessary to create an outline of your class and a supply list before you can proceed. 

In that regard, tonight is a celebration. I am not cooking and I will just go out and pick something up for dinner! We can't go out as someone is stopping by to do a bid on mowing our yard and so forth and Donald has been busy brushing the dog so there is too much dog hair on him and his clothes! Besides, I am in sweats and don't want to change! 

All of my quilts that will be in my next book are still at the publisher's. I am missing some of quilts give me joy and that's why I make them. I am not a person who regularly enters contests joy just comes from the actual creation process.....that's when I am in my happy place.

Happy quilting,