Monday, March 28, 2016

Mt. Rainier Reflecting in Tipsoo Lake Quilt update

Today, I am sending a query off to an agent in the hopes that I can get my novel published. This is the quilt that I am hoping will appear on the cover of my novel. I am still quilting it and still have the top sky and the reflection to quilt, then  I need to block, and bind my quilt.
I am really hoping my novel will be picked up as a series! I love to write and I love to quilt and the two go hand in hand for me. Although I had the basics for my novel, I let the characters lead me rather than write from a outline. As my characters developed it was fun to watch their interactions and see where the novel would lead me! Yes, there are parts that draw from my own experience as a landscape quilt artist, author, designer and teacher but I figure why not use some of my knowledge to make the novel authentic.

Anyway, wish me luck - I am crossing my fingers and my toes in the hopes that I will find an agent and then a publisher.

That's all for now!