Thursday, May 2, 2013

Promise to Post More Often

I apologize for not writing more often - I hope to do better in the future! 
One of my most favorite bookings of all times was a recent stent teaching for six days at Empty Spools Symposium at Asilomar State Park near Pacific Grove, California. Having the same amazing students for six whole days is just heaven for we teachers....

I also decided to fill an empty spot on the board of the Association of Pacific West Quilters until the year 2014 - I have a strong affiliation with the board as I am a founding board member. Exciting things are happening and a new post will go out to members and on the web site soon!

I will be doing a Podcast with American Patchwork and Quilting on Monday June 24th, 1:-2:00 PM Pacific Time. A am very excited to be on the radio again as it is lots of fun and what the heck, I can wear my jammies as nobody sees me!!!

More to come soon, I promise...