Monday, September 26, 2016

Local Lectures and Featured Artist, Northwest Quilt Expo, Portland Ore

Joyce Becker

I had the rare opportunity to be a Featured Artist at the Northwest Quilt Expo in Portland, Oregon this past week. I have to say that it warmed my heart to hear so many compliments on twenty of my quilts. When there are quilters out there that follow you or like your work, it's an amazing thing. I probably had a half a dozen or so quilters say they came to the show just to see my work. Talk about feeling so blessed, WOW. Some quilters came back several times to look again. It's funny when someone tells you what a talented artist you are - I don't mean funny, I mean the way I feel about it is that I love creating these type of quilts and if they give joy or happiness to someone, that's what counts to me. I love quilters that are inspired from my work especially if it means it sparks their creativity!
After several requests, I have decided I will do some local lectures or lectures within driving distance. I can't bring myself to teach again because of the ramifications to my health (rotator cuff issues and arthritis) but lecturing is something that is fun. As long as my husband or a friend can come along and help me haul my quilts and books for a trunk show, I'll do it!

Here's the literature from the Quilt Expo in Portland:

A prize-winning landscape quilt artist, Joyce R. Becker is the author of four quilting books focusing on landscape quilting. Three of her books and a DVD were published by C&T Publishing, including her most recent book, Quick Little Landscape Quilts and she has authored over twenty articles in quilting magazines, including Quilting Arts.  Joyce was a featured guest on the Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson and the PBS Series , Simply Quilts, with Alex Anderson.  She also appeared on “M`Liss`s World of Quilts.
Joyce has taught and lectured throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, New Zealand, and Hawaii for guilds and large conferences such as the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, and at the Empty Spools Seminars.  Joyce’s quilts have been exhibited nationally and internationally and she was a founding board member for the Association of Pacific West Quilters. Joyce has enjoyed teaching and lecturing on several quilting cruises throughout the world for Quilt Camp at Sea and is currently, writing a “spicy” quilting novel.