Monday, September 25, 2017

I am finally able to post again after my whirlwind trip to Cleveland, Ohio to tape three episodes for Quilting Arts Television (PBS) with Susan Bruebaker Knapp.

I was kind of a nervous Nellie when we started taping but Susan made me feel soooooo comfortable. It was like I was just chatting with one of my best friends. The three episodes focus on: Tips and Tricks for Creating a  Landscape Quilt, How to create a Quick Little Matted and Framed Landscape Quilts, and Embellishing Your Landscape Quilts.

The series is the 2100 and will be shown during the 2018 episodes. I am featured on Episode2103, 2107, and 2112. 

I am including some photos from the taping for you. 

I met some very talented guests that will also be featured next season so don't miss any of the episodes. 

I am hoping to find an editor or publisher for my quilting novel soon. I went to a writing conference before I went to Cleveland and have one editor interested and a lead on another. Most of the quilting entities that publish quilting novels want novels without a lot of swearing, intense drama, or sex in them. My novel has all of those things!!!! Wish me luck.