Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Facing a quilt & printing on canvas

Good news on the home front! I have been down-graded to a stretchy sling instead of the cumbersome immobilizer! Yea! It's much easier to sleep and my dog Blondie likes it too - I changed sides of the bed back to my normal side and now Blondie can march right up and give me doggie kisses and curl right up to me to go to sleep.
My doctor said I can use my hand a bit more so yesterday I started taking the facing off of my quilt Tuscany. A word to the wise, when you try to put a facing on a quilt that has really thick edges (like Tuscany), the facing does not roll back like it should. Once I saw how uneven the quilt was after facing it, I went YUK! I photographed it but used the magic of Photoshop to square it up. Once the facing is removed, I will make sure it is actually square, and if not, square it again and then add a traditional 2 1/4" double binding. Sometimes you win and sometimes your little "trial" of techniques doesn't work. Comes with the territory! Wish me luck! I can't square the quilt until I get more strength in my right shoulder but at least I can be doing something in my studio! I'm also toying with the idea of having a photo printed on fabric in a very large format (you can send away to have it done). Once I investigate the process I'll get back to you. I think it will be fun as I have had photographs printed on canvas before but trust me, those puppies are a bitch to quilt through. I'll show you the photo of a quilt I had printed on canvas and you can see I did some very heavy stitching but broke about 6 needles in the process! Take care.
xxoo Joyce

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