Thursday, February 1, 2018

Quilting Arts Television on PBS


                Joyce with Quilting Arts Television host, Susan Bruebaker Knapp
Majestic Mountains by Joyce R Becker

As some of you may know, I am going to appear on Quilting Arts Television on PBS, series 2100 this year. Some PBS stations are already broadcasting the 2100 series. I will appear on the following episodes:
Episode 3 - Imaginative Design
Episode 7 - Inspired to Quilt
Episode 12-Embellish with Stitch and Stuff

Each PBS station is different. Some stations are still showing the 2000 series of Quilting Arts Television. My advice is to look up your local PBS station on the internet and find out if they televise Quilting Arts Television. If  they do, see if the listing says 2100 series. The first episode in the 2100 series is called: Shapes. Hopefully, you are able to watch the episodes I am on. Another option is to use your DVR and record the whole series. There are some very talented artists in the 2100 series, you won't be disappointed!

If you would like instructions for the projects on each episode, here is what you do:
Go to and click on the 2100 series. 
Click on episode 2103, Creating a successful Landscape Quilter and click on the photo of my quilt, Majestic Mountains. It will download the instructions for you.
For episode 2107, Quick Matted and Framed Landscape Quilts, click on the photo of the beach scene. It will download the instructions for you.
For episode 2112, Embellishing Landscape Quilts, click on my quilt Winter Wonderland and it will download the instructions for you. 

I will also have a "Spotlight" magazine article in the upcoming summer issue of Quilting Arts Magazine. 

Happy Quilting - until the next time,