Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Filming a lecture and trunk show


So here we are filming a lecture and trunk show that I am hoping to be able to present online soon for guilds, groups, seminars, associations, etc. My talented step-son, Mike Simmons, who is a professional videographer generously did the filming for me and his wife, Charlene, acted as his assistant. I could not of done this without them and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. If you are looking for an professional team, then you need to contact Mike and Charlene. Their rates are very reasonable and they will travel if necessary. Contact information: or 970-589-9825 They produce, direct, film and edit!

Recording and taping a lecture and workshop is definitely hard work and requires a lot of organization and per-planning. We filmed in my studio and in the main living area of our home. I included a segment on how to decorate your home with your landscape quilts in the hopes that more quilters will decorate with their art!

Stay safe, wear your masks, and wash your hands.....and Happy Quilting!



Monday, August 17, 2020

Joyce R Becker, Landscape Quilt Artist and Author

I know it has been a very long time since I posted on my blog and I apologize. During this pandemic and current situation in the United States  it has been difficult to stay grounded and not steeped in negativity, hasn't it??

In spite of the current state of affairs, I have done my best to stay incredibly busy, working on new quilts and writing. I can't share everything yet but there will be more news in the future regarding what I have been working on. I have been very disciplined and most days, I work around seven to eight hours a day. 

The scene above was taken around a year ago. I have been friends with a group of women quilters for good grief, around twenty-five to thirty years - we are an off-shoot from the Evergreen Piecemaker's Quilt Guild in Kent, WA.  We have been very fortunate to go and visit one of our member's summer cabin once a year on Heron Island, Washington. It is a beautiful small island and in order to get to the island, we have to take a small ferry that holds about six vehicles. Once we are there, our host fixes us a magnificent lunch and her husband treats us with fresh barbecued salmon. 

It is such a joy to sit and listen to the quiet, to hear the wind rustling through the towering Douglas fir trees and the Cypress trees. Occasionally, there is the call of a osprey or an eagle. We treasure our trip each year, treasure our friendships, and laugh till we cry. This year, unfortunately, there will be no trip.....which makes all of us sad. It's like Joni Mitchell said in her incredible song, "You don't know what you got till it's gone...."

Meanwhile,, we continue to try and laugh, find joy, and love one another in our solitude. 

I can share with you that in the future, I will be presenting a lecture and workshops through a platform with my publisher, C&T Publishing. My step-son and his wife will be here tomorrow and he just happens to be a videographer.....we will have fun trying to film a lecture and trunk show. I bought one of those big ring lights, a microphone, and a new snazzy cell phone (and a great new laptop for editing) so that we can do the filming in our home. So, it's new adventures for this seventy-five year old landscape quilter.....I will try and post some photos from our session so you can see how it went.

Until next time,

Happy Quilting

Love, laugh, and find joy