Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Happenings

After a fairly non-existent summer, Fall has arrived, turning the leaves on many trees vibrant golds, reds, yellows, and oranges. It seems the temperatures are dropping faster than normal and we are already into the 20's some nights! Time for my flannel sheets and flannel jammies!
We have a puppy now, Blondie - who is now seven months old. This little girl has such a personality and is so loveable and likes to play that I am totally in love with her!!!! Having my six-year old granddaughter her with us after school on many days and having Blondie crazy about her too are the highlights of my life!
Yes, I am still traveling now and again to teach, lecture, etc., but I am taking fewer "gigs" as I want to spend more time at home with my husband, granddaughter, dog, and family!
I am currently working on a fairly large landscape quilt incorporating photos from my garden that I "tiled" (enlarged) and printed on computer ready fabric that also has a large arbor with grapes, grape leaves and vines twisting and turning around the arbor (I'll put in a photo). I am still in the designing phase and need to incorporate something in the distance (currently auditioning some benches), and then begins my thread-play.
My other passion, writing, is taking a new turn. I've began a quilting novel - It's my first attempt at fiction but I am having a blast with it - trying to make it humorous even though the subject material is serious. I'm only done with one chapter thus far as life seems to come before time to write or design quilts, but I am not complaining.
Something I've learned the hard way this past week is: Cherish your friends and loved ones and tell them how important they are. I lost a dear friend on October 12th. I never got to say goodbye as she died suddenly and I miss having her in my life. So, hug your friends, your family, your dog - anyone or anything that you love and thank God they are in your life!