Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Adding texture to trees with free-motion embroidery

Well, it took me a half hour how to figure out to upload this video from my phone, but I don't give up easy! I just wanted to show you how I add the texture to my Douglas fir trees in the quilt I am working on of Mt. Rainier. I use my right hand to control the free-motion embroidery, making small circles. I use a straight stitch.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Threadpainting trees

I am doing my best to update my blog more often! Now that I have finished my first draft of my manuscript, it is being read by my friend, Cyndy Rymer. Cyndy was the editor on two of my quilting how-to books and an amazing writer and quilt artist as well.  I am forging on with my quilt that I hope will be featured on the cover of my novel, if and when it gets published. If Cyndy says my novel is a "piece of crap," I will go on to plan B. I just don't know what plan B will be..........My dear friend Jane Moxey also took the time to help mentor me and gave me so many helpful suggestions that made my novel so much better. A big shout-out to Jane - "You rock girlfriend."

Anyway, I am adding texture to the top row of trees with thread work or free-motion embroidery. I will be putting a layer of light pink tulle on the bottom half of the quilt to make the reflection dulled a bit and it won't be as necessary to do as much thread work on the trees as a result. Each of the larger trees takes around 30 minutes each and I use a stitch I invented - tight little circles with a squiggle on the end - takes two bobbins for each tree and a heck of a lot of thread on the top!
I am still contemplating whether or not to add a border or not.....normally, a quilt just whispers in my ear and says "You don't need a border, you idiot," or, "What were you thinking, put a border on me!"
It's funny how quilts talk to you if you listen, isn't it?
Onward and upward. Until next time!
Happy quilting,