Saturday, March 26, 2022



Boy oh boy, it seems like I have been busier than ever in spite of the pandemic. I have been working with the Creative Spark team at C&T Publishing quite a bit in the effort of getting my first online workshop launched. If all goes well, it will launch next week or the week after. The workshop, Quick Little Landscape Quilts, is based on a book of the same title that was published by C&T  and is still for sale both as a hard copy and an e-book. You can sign up for the workshop or my humorous lecture/trunk show online at: WWW.


The other REALLY big news is the publication of my new book, Beautiful Landscape Quilts. Written during the pandemic, this book really is the favorite I have written. I was able to have a voice in the way the book was designed, imputing my ideas along with the book designer. My step-son, Mike Simmons and his wife, Charlene came from Colorado to help with my how-to photographs. Mike, a talented videographer,& photographer took the photos and Charlene kept us organized. Being able to arrange the how-to photos artistically was a dream come true. I have a lot of new quilts and techniques in the book and it is for all  levels of quilters. I also have some famous guest landscape quilt artists in the book showcasing their quilts.


Here are a couple quilts from the book:


Precious Moments with Blondie
Another upcoming announcement
I have done an interview for Create Whimsy as a featured artist. It will appear on Facebook
I am currently working on a new quilt that will hopefully be a new workshop online focusing on Beautiful Landscape Quilts. I also hope to use the quilt as cover art on a ROM-com novel  with a quilting slant for an e-book on Kindle.That's it for today! Happy quilting,
fondly, Joyce