Friday, May 7, 2021

 Audition for on-line workshops/lectures - Creative Spark

I am thrilled to announce that my audition for a workshop through C&T Publishers platform, Creative Spark has been accepted. So, what does that actually mean? Simply put, I will be recording an on-line workshop focusing on my Quick Little Landscape Quilts. The video will actually follow my book, Quick Little Landscape Quilts and features my quilt, Beacon of Hope.

For those of you who don't know the ins and outs of filming a video complete with sound, it isn't an easy endeavor. Perhaps it is easy for experienced videographers but for someone like me who is a novice, boy oh boy, the learning curve is something else. 

I purchased a large ring light so I would have have good lighting and a lavalier microphone and I used my Samsung 10-pro cell phone  for the filming. The only issue with that is that every time I want to see what I filmed, I have to remove the cell phone from the Ring Light and then set the whole thing up again, checking the positioning, lighting, etc.  

That's not to mention learning how to use editing software. OMG, I had to do so many takes over and! I am thrilled, however, to learn that Creative Spark is hiring someone to help we authors who want to teach online videos with their editing.  

Anyway, I won't have the opportunity to start filming until the end of the month. My sweetheart of a husband turns 90 next Saturday and we are having a family celebration (no invite unless your are vaccinated). We also have family flying in for the party and a couple of surprises! Some of our children and grandchildren are coming over tomorrow to help power wash the patio, clean the patio furniture, and extend the awning out again for the season. The grandkids and I will plant some flowers and then  I will ply everyone  with pizza and cookies! 

I am hoping to bribe my son, Shawn into filming my first workshop with cold, hard, cash. He has a wonderful camera with a viewer so that we can check the content every few minutes and I won't have to struggle doing it all on my own. I have my class outline done and and the supplies done, so it should be so much simpler.

Creative Spark wants me to do a second series of workshops featuring my new book, Beautiful Landscapes, a few months prior to when the book comes on the market. It really helps generate sales. The series will take several sessions - probably four or five in that there is so much material to cover. When students sign up for a workshop, they get a free e-book and the e-book is available earlier than the actual release date of my book which is February 2022. 

Time to go bake some cookies for tomorrow!
Happy quilting,

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