Saturday, March 13, 2021

Mt. Rainier

Today, Mt. Rainier, in all it's glory was "out" .......Driving along and glancing at the mountain shimmering in the sunlight seemed to brighten my day and just make me feel better! 

It's been a tough few weeks with my twin sister hospitalized and now stable enough to be in medical rehabilitation.  She fell due to high calcium levels combined with some other issues. She probably won't go back to independent living so working to find other options. 🙏

I got my studio all set-up for filming a proposal video for my publisher's platform - Creative Spark and then I went to put on my lavaliere microphone and alas, it was not where it was supposed to me.....nor was it anywhere I looked. So, I just ordered a new one through Amazon....Besides, my gel nails keep popping off, so I will need to go get me nails done first! Nothing worse than ugly nails....besides, I just learned if you are doing it because you are filming, it is a right-off! Yea. 

With the COVID rules changing, we have decided to go out to our favorite Mexican restaurant tonight. Both of us have had both of our shots. Speaking of which, the second one hit me like a high-speed train.....Muscle and body aches, chills, fatigue, and just feeling like crapola for a couple of days - then, the symptoms just vanished. I've read it hits women harder than me, go figure!

With my studio set-up with lights and everything, it is difficult to start any new sewing projects. I have been working very hard on a script for the class I want to teach online - gathering all of the materials and so forth is an ongoing process. My workshop will be focusing on a Quick Little Landscape Quilt, Beacon of Hope, from my book of the same title. I will be demonstrating and talking about every step along the way, adjusting the camera and the lights for each segment.....lots of work but hopefully, individuals and guilds will be able to sign up for the workshop. Learning to edit is probably the hardest task of all and learning all of the new technology to make this happen is sometimes way over my stepson, Mike Simmons, who lives in Colorado, is an experienced videographer, and he is so sweet answering questions for me! Maybe by the time that I am ready to film I can convince him to come film it for me!

He filmed me doing a lecture and trunk show when he was here last summer and is editing it now so we can get it up on C&T Publishing's platform, Creative Spark.

Happy quilting to all of you. I know it is lonely out there not being able to gather with our quilting pals but hopefully we will be able to see one another soon.


Joyce R Becker

Landscape Quilt Artist, Author C&T Publications or


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