Monday, July 14, 2014

Garden tour, Luncheon, and vintage fashion show!

One of my "Thursday group friends," (my quilting satellite group) bid on an auction at her church for a group to enjoy a garden tour, a luncheon, and a vintage fashion show. My friend, Christine, treated us to the most wonderful day - The home we visited was beautiful with a huge flower and vegetable garden. It was a gorgeous day out, in the low 80's, and after the garden tour, we were seated at beautifully decorated tables in the garden, and treated to an incredible home-made luncheon. 
The quiche was creamy and full of ham, and a home-made granola, topped with garden-grown raspberries and Greek yoghourt, was delicious. We also had a small muffin with orange zest and an orange glaze on top.

After lunch, we headed inside the home to view an amazing fashion show of clothing and accoutrements, from the Victorian era to the 50's. What a treat. I haven't had such a wonderful day in ever so long and I think the rest of my friends felt the same. Thank you again, Christine!

Here's a cell phone photo of one of the outfits:

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